Worldwalk Now at Amazon!

Buy Worldwalk or check it out FREE from your Kindle . (Check out requires Amazon Prime membership) At age 28, freelance journalist and former roustabout Steven Newman set out from his home in Bethel, Ohio, to backpack alone the back roads and pathways of the world--unsponsored,...

Steven Newman

Worldwalk Now at Amazon!

Buy Worldwalk or check it out FREE from your Kindle . (Check out requires Amazon Prime membership)

At age 28, freelance journalist and former roustabout Steven Newman set out from his home in Bethel, Ohio, to backpack alone the back roads and pathways of the world–unsponsored, unpublicized, paying his own way, and writing for a newspaper audience of nearly 1.5 million. Four years later, he had successfully walked the length or width of 21 countries on five continents and fulfilled a childhood dream. Nearly everywhere on the five continents he crossed, he found familes that invited this American stranger into their homes (sometimes for weeks), and new friends that put him in touch with their friends. In addition to lives of the everyday people that he wrote about in his bi-weekly newspaper dispatches, he had dozens of adventures straight out of a novel or a movie.  Among those adventures were wars, a struggle with a blizzard in the Spanish Pyrenees, wild boars that treed him for an entire night in Algeria, bandits in Thailand that nearly chopped off his head, a circus in Greece he worked in for two weeks, a smalltown newspaper in Australia he ran for two months, a flash flood in Australia, and arrests and interrogations in Algeria, Yugoslavia and Turkey.  Through it all, Newman proved himself willing to learn from other cultures and to become quickly adaptable to strange cultures and unforgiving natural settings such as jungles and deserts and even fires the size of American states.  As the Oregonian newspaper succinctly put it: “Newman, irrepressible, indomitable, indefatigable…always fascinating, records his experience with poetrical eloquence.”

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  1. Pat Snow says:

    Worldwalk is one of the best books I have ever read; I’ve actually read it about 20 times in the past 20 years.
    I hope Steven writes another book after his upcoming adventures in China.

  2. Ruth Martynowicz says:

    Ruth Martynowicz
    Submitted on 2012/06/02 at 8:48 am

    I just finished Letters from Steven. I loved it! I lived vicariously through all the different countries that Steven traveled and I found his optimisim about people very uplifting. I am recommending that our book club go on a world wide adventure and read Letters from Steven

    • Steven Newman says:


      Thank you for the kind words. You made my day.

      Letters From Steven was done solely for my newspaper readers. It was very popular with those readers, and I’ve always thought it was a shame the general public couldn’t access it. Well, that will be changing this summer: The 25th anniversary edition of Letters From Steven is being converted into eBook format, and it’ll be available worldwide to everyone. The book will be redone in many ways, including new cover designs and original artwork throughout it. Please let others know.


  3. Becky Berndsen says:

    Steve I am in the process of reading your book and I am so inspired to do something maybe not so huge but never the less inspired. I have been wanting to walk the entire Appalacian Trail. We have zero income right now so my focas can’t be on meandering through woods. I so want to do this or walk around America.

  4. Audun Bie says:

    Thanks for a wonderful, exciting and inspiring book! It’s been great to discover that it’s still possible to have a proper adventure, and that the world is filled with good, kind people. I hope lots of people read your book now that it’s available again, I’m doing my part to recommend it to any wanderer I happen to meet.
    Keep walking!

  5. My daughter Abby first meet Steve Newman at a Chinese restaurant In Maysville Ky. She had watched his movie he made when he came home after his world walk her Dad is from Bethel Oh and her older sister Kelly was in the parade when he got back from his world walk so we really feel like we know Steve . We loved seeing his pictures .Abby is in her first year of high school at Ripley Oh. and still follows Steve .

  6. Tessa Newman says:

    Hi Steve we love you.
    P.S Hope you fall off a cliff while your there.(ha ha)

  7. Savannah Newman says:

    Tessa must be on crack……Why would she want you to fall off a cliff?? Maybe she was just kidding…? I think what she really meant to say was that we can’t wait for your return & to hear about all of your stories and journeys throughout China! It looks like your having a GREAT time….at least that’s what the pictures say. Anyways…..have fun and make lots of memorable adventures. All the best ~ Savannah

  8. brahmi says:

    hi steven i am hakim brahmi i live in ziama mansouria algeria i am your old old freinds in 1984 do you seen me please rps as possible

  9. Ann (Leary) Zimmerman says:

    I came across a book and 2 autographed pictures of Steven Newman, signed by him and personalized, back in 1988. Very impressed. I’ll treasure it always.

    • Steven Newman says:


      I’ve seen, many times, autographed copies of Worldwalk in “new” or even “very good” shape selling for over $250 on the web. I don’t know if anyone ever buys them, but if your book is signed and in good shape….

  10. Roger Weinhouse says:

    I originally read your book in the 1990s and have often thought about your amazing experiences. I’ve enjoyed re-reading your adventure digitally and was again fascinated and inspired. Glad to hear that you are still enjoying life and its challenges. I have one question that has always fascinated me. Do you have any idea how many individuals have started such a walk and unable to complete the adventure?
    Looking forward to further publications.
    Best Regards

    • Steven Newman says:


      I know personally a couple of people who have tried to replicate my walk and have failed. However, I do not know how many others have tried a “walk around the world.” I do know that one other person–a Canadian from Quebec–also completed a solo walk around the world. He finished a couple years ago, and I did communicate with him. I’m hoping we can get together some time.


  11. Lucy Gatewood Seeds says:

    I just reread Steven’s book WORLDWALK and his experiences with the people he met in the many countries he walked across are as relevent today as they were in 1983-1987. I would suggest that teachers recommend WORLDWALK to their students. It might inspire students to go for the seemingly impossible. Don’t miss page 415 and the wisdom of Awadhesh.

  12. Kathie Miliano says:

    I was given Worldwalker from a senior lady I visit once a week at her home in Ft. Mitchell,Ky. I told her I read a novel from an author in Dayton and she let me borrow your book. I could hardly put it down and I talked about it to people I work with and my family. I was raised in Milford and felt like I knew you by the end of the book. Scared for you at times s/a when the pirates were chasing you with the machetes but almost wet my pants laughing when you jumped in the vehicle and held on to the woman’s breasts. I was very touched by the hermit under the bridge and how grateful he must of been to form such a friendship in such a short time. Wondering if you kept in touch with any of those you visited. I cried when you heard you heard the news that you lost your Dad. I read it the day before my Mom would of turned 87 so was quite emotional for me at the time. God bless you Steven Newman. Thank you for such a beautiful gift.

    • Steven says:


      Your comments are an absolute treasure. So heartfelt and genuine. You must be a lovely soul. I wish we had met while on my journey. Your kindness would have been a pleasure to share with my readers. I wish I could have thanked that senior lady who gave you the book. Another example of the power of a simple act of kindness.


  13. Ruz says:

    A friend of mine really enjoyed your book and I’m looking forward to reading it.

  14. Dan Bohlen says:

    Steven, ever think of taking up “geocaching”. ( It might be a fun addition to your adventures.

  15. K. Alexander says:

    Steve, A friend gave me your book, “Worldwalker” to help motivate me in my plans to walk the length of the Great Wall of China. To be honest I was not expecting much from it (even though my friend told me he had read it 4 times). I was so wrong. I loved it. When I came to the end I felt as if I was saying goodbye to a longtime friend.
    I am buying a copy for my niece and one for a friend that I met while hiking the Camino de Santiago in Spain last year. I know they will both be inspired by it as well.
    I saw on your website that you may have just returned from China? I was wondering if there was any chance that I could get some insight from you on your experience to help me prepare for my trip? I would be walking the 4000K miles solo as a fundraiser and to help create awareness about the social, health and economic problems facing women around the world. I am a 56 year old woman and am hoping that other women may somehow be inspired and empowered by my journey as I have been by yours.
    Thank you so much. K-
    P.S. Question, did you make a necklace our of the opal for your mother?

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