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Buy Worldwalk or check it out FREE from your Kindle . (Check out requires Amazon Prime membership) At age 28, freelance journalist and former roustabout Steven Newman set out from his home in Bethel, Ohio, to backpack alone the back roads and pathways of the world--unsponsored,...

Steven Newman

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Happy Adventures t-shirt


Steven’s trademark stickman logo and slogan “Happy Adventures!” is now available on a T-shirt for the first time ever.

Presently available in sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL in Safety Green (see photo), Safety Orange, and Safety Pink colors, this T-shirt is made of one of the highest quality pre-shrunk ultra-blend cotton fabrics available in today’s T-shirt market.

Help spread the inspiring positiveness and kindness Steven has found in abundance in every country he’s trekked across. Join his effort to put a smile and more brightness into our world. Show others just how incredible an adventure Life really is. (And look fashionable at the same time.)

This is truly a one-of-a-kind T-shirt. Send a photo of yourself at some recognizable national or world landmark to, and he’ll put your photo on the Worldwalker website. In December 2013, after Steven returns from a planned walk in China, he’ll randomly select one of the submitted photos and award $100 to the winner for being such a special “Worldwalker.”

Only $9.95!

The Worldwalk DVD

The Worldwalk DVD

The inspiring, heartwarming, true adventure story of the first documented solo walk around the world is now available in DVD format. Directed and produced by Brian Doubleday and narrated by Steven Newman, this hour-long documentary has been done in the style of a Ken Burns film.  Woven together in chronological order are several stories told in person by Steven, hundreds of gorgeous color images from the actual journey, live footage from Steven’s homecoming, and a delightful conclusion song by John Denver.  Whether you want to be entertained by one of America’s veteran storytellers, or teach the young about other cultures and geography, or perhaps be searching for inspiration, “Worldwalker” is perfect.  Join the thousands who enjoyed “Worldwalker” on television during the late 1980s.  As an added bonus, each DVD purchased through this website is personally signed by Steven and has been hand-decorated by him with his popular stickman hiker figure.

Only $6.95!


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