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Steven Newman


Steven M. Newman is known worldwide as the “Worldwalker.” The American is the only person documented to have walked solo around the world. For his unique achievement, he was featured in the 1988 Guinness Book of Records.From April 1, 1983, to April 1, 1987, the freelance journalist trekked 15,509 miles across 21 nations on five continents. The entire time, he shared his adventures with over one million newspaper readers. Since his walk around the world, he has walked solo the entire lengths of Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. He has also hiked the entire 900 miles that connect the 88 Buddhist temples along the rugged Henro Pilgrimage path on Japan’s Shikoku Island.

Due to the popularity of the “Worldwalker” stories, Newman was contracted to write three mass-market books: Letters From Steven (1987, Capper’s Press), Worldwalk (1989, Wm. Morrow & Co.), and Guardians of Yellowstone (1991, Wm. Morrow & Co.). All three books were published in hardcover and paperback editions. Worldwalk was published internationally and was chosen by the prestigious Literary Guild as the Summer 1989’s Main Selection (along with James Michener’s Journey).

Newman has been a guest on over 100 television and radio talk shows, including Larry King Live, Good Morning America, TODAY, CBS This Morning, NPR’s “All Things Considered,” the Voice of America, and Good Morning Australia. He has also been the subject of feature-length articles in such publications as People Magazine, The New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, New York Newsday, Walking Magazine, and the widely-read children’s publication Weekly Reader.

Over 2,000 organizations, from schools to Fortune 100 companies, have had Newman as a speaker or keynoter. Those who have contacted Newman for his speeches have included the Royal Academy of Science (Hong Kong), the National Geographic, many universities, GE, DuPont, the Young Presidents Organization, the Boy Scouts of America, AARP, Bass Pro Shops, and the Circumnavigator Club of NYC.

Newman has been awarded several high honors. They include: his home state of Ohio’s highest (the Governor’s Award) for “Outstanding Courage”; his alma mater’s highest, the Medal of Merit (for “Furthering Human Understanding and Promoting Goodwill Among World Cultures”); a Doctorate in Humanities from Capital University; and the Award for Peace and Human Understanding. Newman has also been named Ohio’s Ambassador of Natural Resources, and Ohio has named its longest hiking trail in its state parks system the “Steven M. Newman Worldwalker Perimeter Trail.”

In the 20+ years since the finish of his trek, Newman has remained very busy as an author, a public speaker and keynoter, a motivator, an adjunct professor of Sociology and Cultural Geography, and a consultant to two Japanese companies that market Worldwalker shoes and clothing. He and his wife, Darci, and their three cats and black Labrador dog, Gabe, live on a heavily-forested 25-acre hilltop retreat along the Ohio River that they have named “Worldwalker Hill.” The historic property is one hour’s drive east of the city of Cincinnati, in rural Brown County, and it is the perfect spot for a dreamer.


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  1. Ruth Martynowicz says:

    I just finished Letters from Steven. I loved it! I lived vicariously through all the different countries that Steven traveled and I found his optimisim about people very uplifting. I am recommending that our book club go on a world wide adventure and read Letters from Steven

    • Steven Newman says:


      Thank you for the kind words. You made my day.

      Letters From Steven was done solely for my newspaper readers. It was very popular with those readers, and I’ve always thought it was a shame the general public couldn’t access it. Well, that will be changing this summer: The 25th anniversary edition of Letters From Steven is being converted into eBook format, and it’ll be available worldwide to everyone. The book will be redone in many ways, including new cover designs and original artwork throughout it. Please let others know.


  2. Terry Chapman says:

    Steven! I am one of your many admirers, a journeyman walker myself, having walked the Boston Marathon Route 2x in honor of and with my son Daniel Chapman. I read your world walk book many years ago but it has continued to inspire my humble efforts in walking. What other activity can give you such an intimate look at your surroundings and the people therein? What other activity can provide such marvelous physical improvements with so little joint pain? And yes, when you see the rare sunrise or sunset or when you see the rare bear as I did while walking to a fishing hole last week, and you feel the chill of being an honored member of Planet Earth, then walking becomes the journey itself!

  3. Lorraine Ciarcia says:

    Just finishing WorldWalk for the 2nd time. Read it 25 years ago. Loved it then and loving it now. What amazes me this time is that you achieved what you did without a cell phone, GPS, or I Pad !!!!! Wonderful adventure. Can’t wait to download Letters from Steven onto my Nook. Hopefully Barnes & Noble will carry it. Hope all is well with you and yours on Worldwalker Hill…………

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